Foraging Commercial Properties

We at Natural Home Company, LLC have primarily serviced Residential properties, and focused on keeping our business small and concise.  We believe that clients should receive quality cleaning services, customer service, and the like rather than obtaining large client bases and expanding business too quickly. The bottom line has always been quality over quantity. 

With 2 years of experience in the Residential cleaning community, Natural Home has succeeded in providing quality services while maintaining rapport with each client and is now ready to expand our service base to focus on marketing to those Commercial businesses that intend to pass that quality over to their customers as we have always done. 

This expansion has undergone considerable thought as we wish to continue to accept Residential clients, and provide them with the same great care.  Natural Home has dabbled in the Commercial property realm during these 2 introductory years and have grown to enjoy the flexibility that it provides alongside the new entrepreneurial faces that we have met that have helped us continuously grow as a business.

We are humbled to continue to service you, and are ecstatic to reach this new milestone! Whether you are an existing client, or looking into getting more information regarding our business, cleaning services and/or products, Natural Home is happy to serve you!