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 Our cleaning service use "down to earth" products that are safe, tough-acting, and made from high quality Organic AND All-Natural materials, most of which can be found in your own kitchen! We know how important safety is whether you have a family, pets, or want to take on a better approach for the environment. NONE of the products that Natural Home Company feature use any of the harsh chemicals that you will find in other retail cleaning products and our products ARE GUARANTEED to sanitize and disinfect as well, if not more efficiently, and actually smell good!

The proof is on the label! Dare to compare the labels of other retail cleaning products. How many chemicals/materials are you familiar with? Are they safe? There is never the same worry when you buy all your cleaning products from Natural Home Company! Our products are sure to get the job done ! All of our product packaging is made of 100% recyclable material and was created for safe storage of foods. Since many of our ingredients can be found in the kitchen, our product packaging is Food Grade (safe for foods and liquids) to keep our products as pure as possible!
We offer only the best to our customers!

Our free pricing service quote includes the cost of cleaning materials based on the service package you choose. Choose only the basic package, or more than one to customize your Organic and All-Natural cleaning needs. Available options can be seen on the "Product Packages" button.