Refer-A-Friend- Earn Cash AND Product!

Current Incentive- Refer A Friend and get $25 AND a FREE 16oz. All-Purpose Cleansing Spray

Natural Home Company, LLC proudly offers our "Refer-A-Friend" Incentive Program!  This offer applies to any new client referred to our company for a weekly, or bi-weekly service Incentives vary per month. A notice of the Monthly Incentive Special will be posted on this page monthly, and also watch for it and other offers on our blog. 

-----The MOST common source that results in a Referral is from an EXISTING CLIENT!!----

To qualify for this offer, the new client must name you as the one who referred them when they join the company.  The offer cannot be granted to those who refer the new client prior to the new client joining the company, or if the new client chooses not to name anyone as the one who referred them.  The Monthly Incentive Special Gift will be issued once the new client has been receiving either a weekly, or bi-weekly service for 8 weeksThe Monthly Incentive Special Gift will also not be granted if the new client cancels their service prior to the 8-week window. Monthly Special Incentive Gifts generally will vary depending on the service week chosen (weekly, or bi-weekly), with a bigger Monthly Incentive Gift for those new clients choosing a weekly service.

Any questions can be answered by calling our toll-free phone number

1-844-NHC-4CLN or by emailing